Here’s why eggs are so expensive in the US

While in Spain you can buy a dozen eggs for less than €2, in some areas of the United States the price is close to €7. We tell you the reason for this increase.

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In Spain, eggs are considered a basic product, so since 1 January VAT has been reduced to 0%, so their price should be lower than in December. Just the opposite of what is happening in the United States. According to the January consumer price index of the US Department of Labor, the price of a dozen eggs has increased by 59.9 % compared to a year ago. From November to December alone, it increased by more than 11%, to prices of around €7 a dozen in some areas of California. So why is this really happening?

Among the reasons for this considerable increase was a severe avian influenza outbreak which caused the death of more than 60 million birds in the country, of which 48 million were laying hens. As a consequence of this outbreak, the number of laying hens has been significantly affected. But this was not the only reason for this change. Other factors such as rising inflation, the price of fuel, chicken feed, labour and even packaging have also played a role.

Still, many say eggs remain relatively cheap compared to other commodities such as chicken or beef, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.