‘Desde 1911’, Best New Restaurant 2022 award, receives its first Michelin star

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Barcelona hosted the Michelin Guide 2024 gala on the evening of November 28, during which new stars were awarded to numerous restaurants in Spain. Along with six T de Oro and Tapas Best New Restaurant 2023, all of them awarded their first Michelin star, Desde 1911, Tapas Best New Restaurant 2022 has also been recognized with the award.

The Pescaderías Coruñesas restaurant is named after the year in which they began to bring the best seafood by road to the different points of our geography and, in particular, to Madrid.

Since 1911, it is now a flagship. The Madrid neighborhood of Cuatro Caminos, a few steps from the Coruñesas store, is the place to eat the ocean in bites.

The menu is handwritten and dated, of course, because every day, depending on the fish markets that nourish the chambers, the content changes. A festival of dishes that are born from the bottom of the sea and that circulate under the rhythmic pace of a team of 20 people, led in the dining room by Abel Valverde, former maître d’ of the Santceloni restaurant, and in the kitchen by Diego Murciego. All of this is harmonized by a liquid menu that also seeks excellence.

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