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Deleito, the sacred hamburger restaurant that has reinvented fast food

According to Deleito, heaven could be reached by opening the doors of his place, and sin by tasting some of his creations.

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This hamburger restaurant that was born in one of the stalls of La Santa Market -one of the most emblematic summer markets of the Costa Brava- would end up expanding after two years to a restaurant in Barcelona with capacity for 40 diners, as well as to another space in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat as a delivery service.

Since then, based on an updated mantra with which to propose alternatives to the classic American burger, it has caught the collective desire within the fast food scene.

Characterized by a modern and celestial aesthetic, Deleito‘s showcase features elaborations that connect with these concepts through flavors and experiences -like pop ups- that are projected on social networks.

The former Masterchef finalist, Alberto Graschef, is the chef behind this place that opened the doors of his digitized paradise in Sagués Street in Barcelona. A project that he initiated together with Recoder, marketing director of Shares for southern Europe and Gerard Moreno, an entrepreneur in the leisure and catering sector.

Deleito is characterized by working through an innovative process, since in its premises both the order and the payment are managed through the cell phone, beyond having delivery options in its premises in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat dedicated solely to this service.


Its gastronomic proposal focuses on gourmet hamburgers, designed by Gras himself and made with high quality and proximity products.

In their empirical menu, we can find some highlights such as the ‘Burgerfoie’ of old cow with cheddar cheese, foie sauce, straw potatoes and caramelized onion, as well as ‘La Carrillera’ made with cheeks meat at low temperature, grated hard-boiled egg, arugula, pickled red onion and its special mayonnaise sauce. Not to mention its vegan options such as the ‘Heura Supreme’ or the Burgerfoie, made with foie sauce and straw potatoes. Because this fast food paradise is for everyone.