Dani García returns to his roots in his new restaurant ‘Tragabuches’

The Andalusian essence and the cuisine of the chef's origins is now rising from the centre of the capital.

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It all began in 1998. The gastronomic establishment Tragabuches was born in Ronda, under a KM 0 philosophy with which to value the product, as a concept that would become the germ of what would be 25 years later in a new restaurant that updates that vision from the Salamanca district.

The new project directed by Dani, which will open its doors on 4 January, is based on a non-stop cuisine model that will serve from breakfast to dinner, in addition to its bar, which will have its own section orchestrated around its most emblematic appetizers.

The Dani García Group thus expands its culinary constellation in the capital, which joins its six star restaurants: BiBo, El Coleccionista, Lobito de Mar Madrid and La Finca, Dani Brasserie at the Four Seasons Hotel Madrid, Leña and Smoked Room.

The fusion between the avant-garde and the chef’s tradition will once again shine through in the preparations of this restaurant with which he returns to his origins, showing his culture and raw materials fused with the produce of Madrid in a menu with spoon dishes and traditional recipes.

Among them, cold dishes such as seafood salpicón or foie and goat’s cheese mille-feuille from Ronda with caramelised green apple will coexist with hot dishes such as stewed and crumbled oxtail wrapped in ravioli. There will also be classic dishes based on country eggs, such as the traditional potato omelette or the zurrapa omelette.

In the same gastronomic proposal, its boutique of grilled fish and meat from Andalusia will also stand out, with a selection of the best fish of the day brought from the Mediterranean and the Andalusian Atlantic, as well as the best pieces of roast goat from Malaga and meat at its optimum point of maturity.

Tragabuches will finish off its concept with an exceptional liquid menu distilled from its cellar with excellent vintages, a wide geographical variety and an important selection of Champagne and Burgundy. Likewise, its particular tribute to Andalusian wines, both Blancos Tranquilos and Jerez, will not go unnoticed.