Culinary experiments on the act of dressing

Fashion is hungry, but above all it wants to decontextualise gastronomy: a recurring idea that has proliferated through the autumn-winter 2023 collections.

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Throughout the presentations for the AW23 season, we have seen how various contemporary cult brands such as Fendi or AREA have taken to the catwalk with a new liquid trend: dressing the kitchen and/or wearing it.

If we sit at the fashion table, and analyse the whole carousel of designs, we can see reflected this obsession of firms to turn food or food-related items into garments.


This culinary game is transferred to fashion in an ingenious and creative way, to serve us large doses of pleasure, gluttony and fantasy. A great dreamlike banquet is thus formed, between gowns made of cutlery or dresses full of fruit, for which Fendi SS23 served plush baguette-shaped bags, reinterpreting its iconic archive silhouette, while Collina Strada presented a bag in the shape of a broccoli that ended up going viral.

The New York firm AREA, in the same time frame, once again projected its most artistic side, influenced by the “Camp” aesthetic current, through watermelon dresses and banana motifs that ran through all the garments, among different finishes and bright sparkles. Jil Sander, for its part, also stood out for presenting pieces with cherry prints and striped candy.

In aesthetic and conceptual synchronisation with all this imagery, Louis Vuitton recently launched a whole collection of hamburger boxes, including burgers, monogrammed pizza boxes, fortune biscuit bags and even coffee cup bags. But if anyone stood out in this area, it was Dilara Findikoglu and Hodakova, sheathing their outfits in kitchen utensils: cutlery gowns and spoon bralettes were attached to the silhouettes to form works of art.

In this sense, when creative freedom becomes a mantra, and fashion is stripped of its elitist atmosphere, this type of ironic and surrealist designs emerge, which we can see reflected in JW Anderson’s latest interpretations. For the autumn-winter 23′ fashion show of his eponymous brand, the designer thus channelled a whole gastronomic reinterpretation through dresses with Tesco supermarket bags that coexisted with a whole cast of models with tomatoes tattooed on their bare skin.