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Blake Lively cooks up a ‘euphoric’ recipe for Daniel Boulud

La estrella protagoniza el episodio colaborativo entre Betty Booze y el restaurante neoyorquino DANIEL.

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The American actress, who will soon be releasing the film ‘Breaking the Circle’ in cinemas, is also known for her foodie side with which she even created her own soft drink company ‘Betty Buzz’ in 2021. Now, her other brand of canned cocktails called ‘Betty Booze’ has collaborated with one of the world’s most iconic chefs.

Blake Lively steps into the kitchen of starred French chef Daniel Boulud, specifically at his celebrated New York restaurant DANIEL. There, a stellar culinary crossover takes place, staged in an Instagram video in which Lively dons a chef’s jacket and cooks meticulously to impress him.

In the clip, the performer and model can be seen working in her kitchen: chopping cherries, pineapple and lime, or melting butter in a frying pan. She adds her fruity concoction, of course, and then presents the dish to the chef full of her tins of different flavours. Boulud then decides to proceed to the ‘most euphoric sip’ of the brand’s drink: the sparkling tequila with smoked pineapple. A liquid expression that transports him to a series of beautiful memories such as diving into a beautiful river, running freely through a field or getting married. The award-winning chef then stands up and hugs Lively, thanking him for the drink.

As part of the culinary union, Blake has also designed his own omakase box, ‘Jōji Box by Betty B‘, which will be available at JojiBox, one of Boulud’s delivery-sushi restaurants in NY. The pack pairs Boulud’s sushi pieces with Betty Booze’s new smoked pineapple-flavoured Betty Booze drink or the brand’s classic sparkling tequila with lime shiso.