Benny Blanco reveals Selena Gomez’s favorite food

During an appearance on TalkShopLive, the producer said he cooks daily with girlfriend Selena Gomez.

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Benny Blanco and Selena Gomez are also intensely connected by their love for gastronomy, and for eating. A sentiment they constantly share both in their culinary programs and on social media. Now, Blanco has also glimpsed that culinary obsession in his cookbook, which he produced and wrote, titled ‘Open Wide: A Cookbook for Friends‘.

On ‘TalkShopLive,’ the producer talked about his girlfriend’s favorite dishes. And steaks and soup have to be in them. ‘She’s a big fan of steak. So anything with steak in it. Or, yesterday I took her, it’s not in my book, but I took her, she loves soup,’ Blanco said. ‘So yesterday I was shooting a show, so I made some soup and I took it to him,’ he stated.

Beyond those dishes, Benny talked about others that the singer and actress also loves: ‘She always orders those perfect little fries from the book. She loves them. And she loves pasta.’

While he may be the one to launch a cookbook, Selena has also demonstrated her extensive culinary skills on his show ‘Selena + Chef‘. Something Blanco also alluded to during the conversation, saying that the star is a talented chef herself, and that they cook together every day.

‘We always cook together, she’s such a good cook. It’s not just for her show, she’s an amazing cook,’ he added. ‘We have so much fun cooking together. All we do is eat.’ And, asked if they would ever share a kitchen to do some elaborate or four-less menu, Blanco joked, ‘Maybe someday.’