Nombres propios

This is Selena Gomez’s favourite breakfast

A protein preparation that her partner Benny Blanco prepares for her every day.

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Just as Selena Gomez has demonstrated on shows such as ‘Selena + Restaurant’, where she learns new cooking skills and techniques from renowned LA chefs, Blanco has also made her passion for cooking evident through ‘home’ videos, and even in her own book titled ‘Open Wide A Cookbook for Friends’.

On a recent episode of ‘The Howard Stern Show’, Blanco recounted making breakfast for Gomez on a regular basis. ‘Every day I try to make him his favourite breakfast,’ Blanco shared with host Howard Stern.

The show would allude to Gomez‘s favourite breakfast, which is surprisingly high in protein. It’s not just one, though, but a main one with a number of variations that Blanco applies to the ritual. Every day he wants the same thing,’ he explains. ‘What he likes most is to eat chorizo with eggs in an omelette, chorizo with eggs in a quesadilla, chorizo with eggs and rice with beans… he wants some version of all of that.’