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Andoni Aduriz and his disciple Simone Caponnetto cook together in Florence

According to Expansión, these culinary talents joined forces at Locale Firenze to devise an exclusive haute cuisine menu.

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The mentor chef and his disciple met in Florence to star in a four-handed gastronomic pop-up entitled ‘Locale x Mugritz‘. Simone Caponnetto, executive chef of the emblematic Florentine restaurant Locale Firenze, welcomed Basque chef Andoni Luis Aduriz and the Mugaritz team to design a luxury evening in which they fused the best Italian products with the most avant-garde techniques, art and science of two of the most experienced chefs in the world.

Simone trained in the kitchens of Mugaritz for eighteen months, between 2018 and 2019, being inspired and imbued with Aduriz’s style and elevated culinary vision, which would end up helping her to develop her own.

Giovanni Corti / Locale Firenze

The evening, hosted by Conosh, the Indian brand dedicated to organising sumptuous culinary experiences, was orchestrated around a ten-course menu that aimed to engage all the senses of the guests. Under that approach, diners travelled through a succession of conceptual elaborations developed through the restaurant’s R&D.

As reported by Expansión, Aduriz explored the collection of hundreds of Mugaritz recipes with a nod to Italy. This translated into an Italian Minestrone based on his iconic mortar soup or some veal tendon gnocchi, a Carbonara and a Tiramisu.

Giovanni Corti / Locale Firenze

Other dishes, such as the Ama, from the 2023 season, finished glorifying the dinner, along with a potato that could be a nod to an iconic Mugaritz recipe (the Patatas caolín) or some Zolfini beans that the diner had to enjoy in a humorous way with a pair of glasses with a nose.