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All about ‘Unfrosted’, Jerry Seinfeld’s sitcom about Pop-Tarts

A satire on American consumerism in which Seinfeld makes his directorial debut.

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Seinfeld turns the origin story of a breakfast snack into a tribute to the pop culture of his generation. A nostalgia trip that will dilate the pupils of boomers with large doses of sugar and humour.

The film ‘Unfrosted‘, which tells the story of Pop-Tarts pastries by mixing reality with fantasy or fiction, began streaming on Netflix on 3 May, and has already sparked a whole phenomenon around it on the platform.

The origins of Pop-Tarts

Jerry Seinfeld, beyond co-writing and directing the project, steps into the film to play the role of the head of development at Kellogg’s, who takes on the cereal mascots and the milk mafia because they fear a dairy-free breakfast food will bankrupt them.

The film, also starring Hugh Grant and Amy Schumer, which has been in development for more than a decade, is set in Michigan in 1963, the year before Pop-Tarts hit supermarket shelves and shocked young Jerry Seinfeld on a 60-year trajectory to the current era. My first memory of Pop-Tarts is that once I tasted it, I figured they wouldn’t make any other kind of food,’ Seinfeld recalls of one of his favourite foods, especially the brown sugar and cinnamon one.

The film’s plot then revolves around the eternal struggle between Kellogg’s and rival Post, who are desperately trying to get a toaster pastry on the market before the other. Kellogg’s employee Bob Cabana (Seinfeld) convinces his former co-worker Donna Stankowski (Melissa McCarthy) to quit her scientific job at NASA and help launch a delicious prototype before the competition.