A must-book: seven restaurants not to be missed

We have compiled seven restaurants for you to treat yourself to an exquisite and different gastronomic feast. Take note because this spring they will be an obligatory stop!
Brabo restaurante - Barcelona

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With the arrival of spring, we feel like indulging in a lot more gastronomic delights. That’s why we’ve prepared a foodie tour of some restaurants in different parts of Spain that you must try: from Madrid to Barcelona, passing through Valencia or Jerez. Here we leave you with our particular selection of must-visits for a perfect meal.

Iztac restaurant (Madrid)

Jorge Vázquez, owner of Iztac, and Juan Matías, chef, proclaim from this kitchen the most authentic gastronomy of Mexico with recipes representative of all areas of the country. Don’t miss the chalupas poblanas, the crab tacos or their cocktails. Plaza República del Ecuador, 4 (Madrid).

Brabo restaurant (Barcelona)

Rafa Panatieri and Jorge Sastre are the two chefs at the helm of Brabo, one of Barcelona’s hottest new openings. This space aims to combine casual haute cuisine with a grill where the product is the main focus of the 15-course menu. The mushroom and egg casserole, the Frisian steak or the smoked Gascón pork tartare (in the photo) are some of its must-tries. C/ Séneca, 28 (Barcelona).

Flama restaurant (Valencia)

Valencian chef Eduardo Espejo and metre Ricardo Espiritu have realised a long-held dream: to open their own restaurant in one of the busiest areas of Valencia. In Flama the two friends work around a cuisine that worships the ember in a combination of technique, experience and creativity, where fresh and local fish is served. Among other proposals, you can find the carabinero and cecina tartar or the grilled eel in the picture. C/ Gran Vía Marqués del Túria, 63 (Valencia).

Tsuro restaurant (Jerez de la Frontera)

Tsuro means ‘passageway’ in Japanese, and this is what Víctor Jaen intends his restaurant to be, a passageway that connects Jerez with Japan through the gastronomy he proclaims. Let yourself be carried away by the nigiris, makis, gyozas and soup on his tasting menu. C/ San Juan de Dios. Local 5.

Teatro Kitchen & Bar (Barcelona)

“Have a bite of something extraordinary or treat yourself to a festival” are two of the things you can do at Teatro Kitchen & Bar, which prepares a made-to-measure tasting menu – as long or short as you prefer – with the creations of its chef Oliver Peña. Among his delicacies: the ortiguilla (in the picture), the thai crab salad or the crayfish roll. Avda. Paralelo, 164.

Umiko restaurant (Madrid)

It is in Madrid where ‘well, well, there is no beach here’, but its name, ‘Umiko’ means ‘daughter of the sea’. According to chefs Juan Alcaide and Pablo Álvaro Marcos, the sea is the protagonist of the menu and connects Japanese culture and cuisine with the Japanese proposal that fuses gastronomy from other parts of the world: Peru, China, Thailand, Mexico and Spain, taking Madrid as a reference point with dishes such as porra madrileña stuffed with chicken in pepitoria and spun egg. Another dish to try is the Skeletor usuzukuri or, on the drinks menu, let yourself be advised by sommelier Ramón Romero. C/ de los Madrazo, 6.

Suru Bar (Barcelona)

“A menu with a clear Mediterranean identity” is how Charly Moro- te, Sergi Puig and Gemma López define the cuisine of their recently opened Suru Bar. A cuisine that looks to the Mediterranean, which is where they are from, but which also has an eye for Asian cuisine, of which Charly, Suru’s chef, is a fan. Don’t miss their vegetables and grilled fish. C/ Casanova, 134.