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If there’s any content on Instagram that we love, it’s food. Social networks have become a real source of culinary inspiration, but also of visual pleasure with recipes so aesthetic that they look like works of art. If a few weeks ago we brought you the spectacular creations of Amaury Guichon or the colourful desserts of Cédric Grolet, now we have compiled 15 foodie Instagram accounts that will whet anyone’s appetite. Follow them, because they’re worth it.


This Turkish woman based in the United States has almost 7.5 million followers on IG who follow her recipes. Her passion for creating food has led her to dedicate herself to it and become a foodie creator of reference. On her profile it is common to see recipes of all kinds, from breakfasts, sandwiches, dinners and desserts. All created from scratch and with healthy options.


This account prepares recipes of all kinds and has a very neat image. It is a pleasure to see anything they prepare: from creamy salmon pasta to blueberry and almond tea tart or tomato crostini with anchovies. This pair of creators also have an exceptional chef, their dog Dante, who gives his name to the account, which has almost 800K followers.


Eye-catching recipes with a very careful context. On their website they define themselves as a love story between food and decoration. In addition to delicious and very visual recipes, on this account you can find inspiration for decorating your home, setting the table or making gifts. Their photos are capable of whetting your appetite even if you’ve just eaten.


In this story you will find real food based on plant-based recipes that nourish, heal and celebrate. And chocolate, lots of chocolate. As a nutritionist, she often advocates whole, good quality, balanced foods. Plus, most of her creations are very easy to make, like these simple five-ingredient ice creams. And the best thing is that they look delicious.


This account specialises mainly in recipes for sandwiches, snacks and any dish that includes bread. Its creator, with Italian and Chinese roots, uses these two cuisines to create a fusion in his creations, but also researches other regions to offer unique recipes that will catch your attention.


Detrás de este perfil está Armita, que fundó My Kale Kitchen en 2020 como una agencia para crear contenidos audiovisuales de comida muy colorida. Todas sus fotos destacan por su colorido. También puedes consultar la receta de cada post en su web. ¿No te encantan estos fideos de guisantes azules con curry de cacahuetes y setas de cardo?


This self-taught baker from India is 26 years old and has already published 4 recipe books. The content you will find in this account are simple but delicious desserts that you can also make at home. This recipe for California walnuts with caramel looks great, but you will also find puddings, waffles, cookies and any sweet you can imagine.


In this food and lifestyle account you will find simple, but very tasty and healthy recipes. She has compiled them all in her book. Get ready to enjoy some delicious ginger, citrus and turmeric tea ice cubes, or they will also teach you how to prepare salmon tacos, lemon butter pasta or crispy buffalo chicken tenders, among other delicacies.


This Romanian who has been living in the United States since 2021 is one of the most viral foodie influencers. In fact, we recently showed you her vodka butter recipe, which had been trending on TikTok. She has worked in five-star restaurants and also in more casual bakeries, but without a doubt, her best inspiration has been her mother’s cooking. In her feed you will find easy and very appetising recipes.


The premise of this account is very clear: to share simple recipes that make you feel good and that are also very easy to make. They all take less than 30 minutes to prepare, require 10 ingredients or less, or require only one bowl. Although in the past plant-based recipes were predominant, nowadays they cover the foodie needs of more tastes and types of diets. And don’t let the name fool you, they do much more than just dessert recipes, they also make main dishes like this vegan sandwich.


Claire is a food writer and blogger who until recently worked for Bon Appétit. Since leaving 2020, she has already published two cookbooks and is dedicated to sharing different recipes on her networks and her Patreon subscription.


This Canadian-born but Berlin-based food blogger and photographer started out documenting his culinary adventures and has turned his passion into his profession. He shares different types of content on different social networks. While on Instagram he mainly posts Asian-influenced dessert recipes, on TikTok he also posts places he goes to eat in Berlin and other cities.


The curious thing about this profile is that it only shares menus served on aeroplanes. Behind this account is Nik, who has been posting photos of airline meals since 2012 during all his travels around the world, which, as it turns out, have been quite a few.


This Mexican photographer specialising in food creates striking images with a groundbreaking concept that is both appetising and highly visual.


This food lover studied at the Culinary Institute of America and, after working in different restaurants, he also dedicated himself to gastro content in the media, which is what he mainly does now. He has also published a book and shares lots of practical but delicious recipes on his Instagram.

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