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Amaury Guichon is known as the King of Chocolate for his sculptural chocolate creations, each one more spectacular than the last. Every week he publishes a new one on his social networks. He is capable of creating giant figures that look real but are made of chocolate and, moreover, are 100% edible. His creativity knows no bounds: from a velociraptor to a table football, chess or an engagement ring.

Guichon is the co-founder of The Pastry Academy in Las Vegas, a school that trains future pastry chefs. He previously worked at Jean Philippe Patisserie in Las Vegas, where he has lived for a decade. He has also published baking books, hosted shows on Netflix and has his own online shop.

Amaury specialises in making incredibly realistic sculptures, and since he started posting them on social media in 2016, his carefully crafted creations have gone viral. He already has more than 20 million followers on TikTok and more than 10 million on Instagram. On his social networks he also publishes the entire preparation process: from the first sketch to the final result. We take a look at some of his wonders that delight chocolate lovers.

A real velociraptor

His biggest 100% chocolate sculpture to date. This velociraptor is almost 2.5 m tall and weighs a whopping 250 kg – a real cocoa chocolate feast!

Dark chocolate robot arm

A robotic arm made of dark chocolate that was one and a half metres long and weighed 40 kg. It was one of the most stressful creations, according to Guichon himself.

A luxury purse

This recreation of a luxury purse has 2 layers of vanilla peanut sponge cake, 2 layers of vanilla soft caramel, 2 layers of vanilla crème anglaise, 2 layers of vanilla mascarpone milkshake and some homemade crunchy battered peanuts.

A very appetising table football table

For the last football World Cup, the confectioner decided to create a chocolate foosball table.

A very sweet shark

A sculpture 2.2 metres long and almost 70 kg of chocolate.

The Statue of Liberty

This homage to the famous American statue was published to celebrate Independence Day. More than 2 metres high and 52 kg of pure chocolate. Its creation process was spectacular.

With this dragon you melt with pleasure

This dragon was one of his favourite creations of 2022. A masterpiece that he made on the wall and that, in the final result, had smoke coming out of its mouth.

Fancy a game of chess?

A chess game that is actually a three-chocolate cake composed of a double chocolate chip biscuit, a crunchy streusel, a dark chocolate ganache, a moist dark chocolate sponge, a layer of milk chocolate cremeux and a light white chocolate mousse, all elements are made of dark and white chocolate. In addition, all the elements are made in dark and white chocolate – checkmate!

Rocking horse

A very functional creation: for strolling, having fun and snacking – every child’s – and not so child’s – dream!

The most cloying proposal of marriage

What would you say yes to: a diamond ring or a chocolate ring? Around here, it’s clear which would be the more delicious proposal.

A very realistic giraffe

This is another of his most time-consuming creations. He had to use new techniques to make it 100% chocolate. The giraffe was two and a half metres long.

Tea time or chocolate time?

According to the baker himself, one of his most realistic creations. It is made with a crunchy hazelnut streusel, a moist hazelnut sponge, a smooth milk chocolate and Earl Grey cremeux, a crunchy hazelnut praline, a light Earl Grey mousse and a gelling of fresh Earl Grey tea with edible brown gold leaves – a real treat!

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