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Don’t ruin a perfect gin&tonic with an ill-suited glass

How many times have you asked yourself what the perfect recipe to prepare a gin&tonic is? And how many of those times have you stopped to think about the importance of the glass? The taste of a good gin&tonic has a secret…the use of a good glass. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind.

A while ago, a well-known bartender said that the secret of his work was to help customers find what they were looking for at the bar. He also said that it was more than just drinks…

Today, everything in the world of gin&tonic is made to excite, induce memories of that sublime mixed drink that we’d like to taste over and over again.

In every drink there is often an element that goes by unnoticed and without which it would be impossible to achieve that same experience. Because, the secret of a perfect gin&tonic is… In the use of a perfect glass. Here are a few tips to succeed:

– In fine crystal: gin&tonic perfection has a name: fine crystal. Perfectly polished, this material has a higher density than conventional crystal, a key element to achieve a near-perfect shine that enhances the visual qualities of this drink. Look at the rim of the glass, the finer it is the more the taste will be enhanced.

– Transparency is a degree. The shine and transparency will help you take advantage not only of the drink, but also of the preparation ritual. Because only with an elegant, shiny and perfectly transparent glass will you make your drink desirable from the moment it has been prepared.

– Glass or balloon? Surprise and be surprised. Try something different? The market is starting to offer all sorts of different containers that renovate the idea of the classic balloon shaped glass. Also there are new proposals for other types such as: cylindrical, of great capacity, comfortable, manageable… In any case, choose one in fine crystal.

– Take a look at the latest trends. The world of bartending and the suppliers of glasses and cups are collaborating more and more in the development of new proposals that look at design, usability, comfort…and that enhance the qualities of a good gin&tonic. “It’s a inevitable alliance, a job for those who know more about cocktails and those who know more about fine crystal. Together we work towards a common objective: a gin&tonic that excites and leaves a mark on the client,” says Pedro Bernardo, Commercial Director of DKristal in reference to the project #GlassEmotion that he is developing to create new proposals for glasses in fine crystal to be used in the world of bartending.