Toma Nota

Debunking the myths of organic food

It’s trendy to eat organic food these days, and we don’t think it’s wrong to want to take care of yourself, but careful, all that glitters is not gold.

Like in everything, sometimes false fables appear and we can’t tell right from wrong. Below we will try to rebuke some of the myths related to organic food.

– There is no need to wash organic food before eating it.


That particular piece of fruit you are about to eat may be contaminated for many other reasons. Always wash your food before eating it.

– Pesticides are never used.


In some cases organic pesticides are used to fight insects. These are also unhealthy. Always wash your food.

– Organic food aids weight loss.


Weight loss is achieved through a balanced diet. Organic foods can help with your health but not with your slimming diet.

– It’s always healthier.


If you buy organic potatoes and you fry them in the deep frier they won’t we as healthy either.