Toma Nota

Chef Begoña Rodrigo brings to Madrid the flavours of the Mediterranean

If you walk into the Hotel Villa Magna until this Sunday 26th April you will be able to enjoy the Gastronomic Week that the hotel is celebrating, presided by chef Begoña Rodrigo.

We could say that Begoña’s cuisine has a feminist touch to it; she wants to stand out in a world dominated by men. That is why her dishes do not leave anyone indifferent. The most intense flavours from entrées to desserts.

Begoña Rodrigo became popular after her appearance in the TV programme Top Chef. But she has not only received a television award, the Region of Valencia also named her Chef of the Year.

This week we can enjoy the flavours of ‘La Salita’, Begoña’s restaurant in Valencia, in the city of Madrid. We could say she has brought to our footstep the Mediterranean Sea due to the use of these flavours in the cuisine of the winner of the 2013 edition of Top Chef.

If you’d like to escape to the Mediterranean coast this weekend, but you just can’t because of lack of time this will comfort you. Walk over to the Hotel Villa Magna and enjoy this tasting menu prepared by Begoña Rodrigo with three entrées, seven main dishes and two desserts.

The flavours will not leave you indifferent and if you have a fine sense of smell, you will be strongly reminded of a good meal you could be savouring at the seafront in the region of Valencia. We won’t give you the details of the whole menu, it’s better that you try it for yourself. But we are going to anticipate a few of the highlights.

All of the entrées follow the new trend of “finger food” and amongst the main courses there are both spoon and fork and knife items. Pigeon with foie gras mousse and hazelnuts is one of the dishes you will savour. Very special is the Plancton ‘Fideuà’ with cockles and razor clams.

We appreciate Begoña’s visit to Madrid and we thank her for bringing us all the flavours of her city to the capital. Next time it’s our turn to travel to Valencia.