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Beer cocktails, how many of them have you tried?

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We usually think that cocktails are made of distillates, juices, sodas, soft drinks… But many years ago, people started to make them with beer. Maybe it isn’t trendy, but it’s a drink that can have so many more options than we thought. So, pay attention, because maybe from now on you wanted to drink this wheat drink in a completely different way.

– Michelada

Michelada is an alcoholic drink made in Latin America – the cocktail varies depending on the country. But it is, basically, a mix of beer, lemon juice, salt and a few sauces – which are modified depending on the region of the continent. In Guatemala and El Salvador they put an English sauce and spicy sauce, in Mexico even Tabasco and tomato juice and in Chile they prepared it with merkén – a spicy condiment. It must always be served with ice and cold. Do you fancy one?

– Black Velvet

It is typical of London and the idea came up in order to celebrate the death of Prince Albert, husband of the Queen Victoria. They wanted to paint champagne in black as a way of paying respect and mourning for the country, so they did. It was made with black beer and champagne, served in a kind of flaute glass. Half of the glass was very cold beer and later, they carefully added champagne or sparkling wine.

– Bananenweizen (Shandy)

A well-known drink in Germany, but especially in the Bavaria Region. It’s made by mixing wheat beer and banana juice. A weird combination, yes, but highly recommended!

– Bull

It’s a mix made of white rum and beer. And if you want to make it more tasty, you can add gin and orange juice. Stir well and add some ice. So refreshing!

– Biolermaker

It could sound weird, but it’s a not mixing cocktail. You have to drink first – in a short glass – the Irish whisky, one shot. And after that, a big sip of beer. People say that this drink is the for the lonely ones. Are you one of them? You should try with your friends, it tastes even better!

– Irish car bomb

The name can be scary, but it isn’t! You have to mix ½ glass of black beer, one oz of Irish whisky, another of Ireland cream and another of coffee liqueur. Mix the liqueurs – leaving aside the beer – and then add it. Typical Irish!