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Become an expert botanical mixologist with “Toque Especial”

Do you want to add a special touch to your drinks as if you were an expert mixologist? The brand “Toque Especial” now unveils their secrets in their new web site and mobile app “Botanicals for mixology.”

With Pepe Orts in the lead, this platform has been created for amateur mixologists that want to reach expert levels of botanical knowledge. For this they have filmed a short film with Orts as the lead character called “Married to a botanical mixologist” with the slogan “Enjoy your creations.”

Botanicals for mixology will allow you to become a real creative mixologist. It includes a “botanicopedia” with the different proposals from “Toque Especial” so that you can get to know the secrets and tricks of these botanical experts.

One of their most interesting sections on the platform is one where you can learn about the best combination of botanicals for your drinks. There are no limits, you can prepare the mix that you want, but the platform will suggest combinations that go better with your drink. You can of course choose the one you like best, but it’s best if you do it with some knowledge so that you don’t end up with something that is not at all of your pleasing.

With this platform, any cocktail aficionado can become a mixology expert with the interesting, fun and easy tips that Botanicals for mixology gives.

They have not just created an online platform, but Botanicals for mixology wants to be at the forefront of technology, which is why they have also created BotanicApp: a mobile app where you will also find all the information you need about botanicals and mixology.

Cheers to this new platform and app from “Toque Especial”. With it you can prepare a whole drink, from the liquor and the mix to the botanicals – just like mixology experts. Chin chin! Enjoy your creations!