Toma Nota

Are you thinking about becoming a vegan? These reasons will help you to decide

Several fruits and vegetables: grapefruit, strawberry, red cabbage, kiwi and pepper. (Photo by Jose R. Aguirre/Cover/Getty Images)

Is this only a trend? Is really as healthy as people say? Or it’s even bad for our health? We, at Tapas Magazine, don’t wanna to convince anyone to become a vegan, but, if you’re thinking about leaving aside meat, base your diet and only eat animal products or related to them, and – instead of that – to embrace Veganism, then, here you have five reasons that will make you – finally – start this way of living.

It’s not only a trend. We don’t know if that’s a strong reason for convincing you, but without any doubt – although people made us believe it sometimes – it’s not a trend that it’s just starting. A lot of people have been eating – and living – that way before our days. It’s been even said that some significant historic figures like thinkers (Plato or Socrates), artists (Da Vinci) or scientists (Newton or Darwin) adopted – one way or another – this way of eating.

You will improve the way you eat. If you become a vegan, you will pay so much more attention to what do you eat, how do you do it, where it comes from, or the calories, fats, carbohydrates, etc. that it contains – you won’t like to find any animal product in your dinner! You will eat in a better way and you will have a meal schedule adapted to your life.

It’s healthy. Even though it’s true that you might need a protein supplement that help you to replace the ones of the meat – that will be easily supplanted – in general terms, a vegan diet it’s healthier. You will eat less saturated fats and more vegetable polyunsaturated fats; thus, you will be helping your heart, your blood pressure, and at the end of the day, your health.

Animal and ecological consciousness. This could be a delicate topic, but if you decide to embrace Veganism, you will be in peace with your environmental consciousness. You will be aware that nothing on your diet comes from an animal, and thus, you will know that no animal is being hurt in order to end up in your plate.

There are a lot of alternatives. There’s people that might think that if they leave aside meat and animal products, they will not have enough products to make fun, healthy and quick recipes. But it’s not like that, there are a lot of alternatives like tofu, legumes, hummus, etc. that will fill up your kitchen with diversity.