Toma Nota

Are you ready to cook soufflé potatoes?

They say good cuisine is only for the creative minds, but we think it’s for the brave. There are recipes that apart from imagination, need courage, passion, and why not a bit of cheek (and we’re not thinking of a pig here).

In our first issue of Tapas Magazine we ventured into telling the story of soufflé potatoes and how Juan Antonio Media, head chef at the restaurant Zalacaín, makes them. In our second issue, we took this tuber even further: our front cover was completely covered in French fries.

Now we are going to unveil the recipe for soufflé potatoes, are you ready? Experimenting with potatoes is a trend we are trying to impose, but of course, people prefer going out for a run to then upload their route and results on social networks.

That’s why we now invite you to prepare this recipe and share with us on social networks the process and the result. The potato craze has arrived!

Recipe for soufflé potatoes:

Ingredients: rainfed potatoes, olive oil and salt.

– We peel the potatoes and cut them as desired. Normally they are presented in rectangles or squares.

– Laminate them at an approximate thickness of 3-4 millimetres (utensils specifically designed for this task are usually used, such as a mandolin, because if the cuts are not uniform, you won’t get the desired result).

– Fill two frying pans with olive oil approximately half-way. Heat one to 120°C and the other to 180°C.

– Put the potatoes in the lower heat frying pan (carefully one by one) and shake it slightly on a horizontal line.

– In 4-5 minutes, when the potatoes start to become golden, move them from this pan to the hotter one. Here you will see how they begin to puff out.

– Finally pull them away from the pan and place them on absorbent kitchen paper to remove the excess oil (careful they don’t stick) and add salt. After this they will be ready to eat.