Toma Nota

Advantages of Street Food

Food on wheels - food truck festival and burger championships. Parade Square in Warsaw, August 2-3, 2014 poland warsaw parade square plac defilad august 2-3 2014 food on wheels meal on wheels event fest festival food truck food-truck foodtruck foodtrucks trucks burger burgers championships trendy place places destination polish eating culinary meals attraction attractions picnic outdoor

We know that vintage things are trendy. And maybe that’s why food trucks are back. But maybe also food trucks are back not only for being a trend but also because it’s the perfect time – because of the current business model period. We show you ten reasons explaining why street food is back in our lives. It’s not only an excellent weekend plan, it has also a lot of advantages that we are going to tell you about. We know for sure that – in case you have never enjoyed this activity – you’re gonna join the next event.

1. We usually associate street food with fast food, but, in this case, nothing could be more untrue. They’re really elaborated plates with a strong preparation process behind them. It is, usually, a first quality product and some of the plates are even considered as gourmet.

2. Food trucks are mobile so they can move around without any problem. So, they can attend clients easily.

3. Thanks to this activity, gastronomy has become closer to the people that maybe didn’t know some restaurants or brand of products. It has been pure marketing.

4. For those unemployed people it has become a way – not so expensive – to get their own business.

5. It has also created other jobs in other areas. Not just on cuisine scene, but also, for example, the artists that have designed every one of the food trucks.

6. It has been like an excuse for promoting sustainable consumption. Most of the brands use cuisine items that have been recycled from others. Besides, in every single one of the place where you can find a food truck you will also find a lot of recycling containers.

7. It has helped local products and it has also promoted the ecological awareness.

8. It’s a different way to enjoy your day with your friends or family.

9. It’s also an easy and fun activity to enjoy gastronomy and cuisine with your children and a different way to eat.

10. Plus, it has also helped to promote teamwork and community. In the same space, just in the street, food trucks live and work with others that could be your competitors and organize your space with them benefiting everyone. A nice way of working.