Toma Nota

A Madrid pop-up restaurant unveils the traditional flavours of Spain

For approximately one month the flavours of the province of Jaen in Spain will be the centre of attention at a venue that hosts in limited periods of time Spanish restaurants that appear and disappear from the capital to leave the Madrid residents with an enduring aftertaste and a striking memory.

This project is ‘The Table by’ developed by Better in the facilities of the Hotel and Spa Urso. This is an idea that brings to the capital some of the more promising chefs and restaurants of the regions of Galicia, Cantabria, Basque Country, Barcelona, or in this case of Jaen, to uncover new ways of doing.

The name of the restaurant this time around is ‘Canela en Rama’ and its chef is Juan Carlos Trujillo. Together they unveil some authentic recipes from the region. We’re talking about traditional recipes that have been reinvented in the kitchens of chef Trujillo. Using extra virgin olive oil as a common thread in all of his creations, these are some of the dishes you will be able to enjoy:

Starters: Iberian sashimi or Pork cheek with honey and curry

Main courses: Creamy ‘salmorejo’, pine nuts and quail; Pork confit, apple and vanilla or Egg, garlic potatoes and ‘mojama’.

Desserts: Caramelised ‘torrija’, dried peaches and nougat or Pineapple sorbet, red fruits and cheese soup and herbs.

This pop-up restaurant will be open until the 16th May for lunch and dinner (Spanish times) except on Sunday nights and Mondays when it is closed. Reservations are accepted for tables, although there is also the option of eating at the bar where, in a more informal setting, the dishes can also be enjoyed.

In the last six months ‘The Table by’ has hosted six different restaurants, changing in each occasion the aesthetic, the concept and the menu. ‘Canela en Rama’ is the last tenant of this space although and due to the success of this concept, the promoters have already announced that there will be a second edition in October of this year with new restaurants.