Toma Nota

Poncelet Cheese Bar presents a new express menu for “cheese-lovers in a hurry”

Poncelet has presented this March a new menu concept. Are you a cheese lover with only 35 minutes for lunch? Then the Express Menu at Cheese Bar is perfect for you.

This menu, designed for those who during business days only have limited time for lunch, can be enjoyed at Cheese Bar both in their Barcelona and Madrid locations.

The concept includes two starters chosen from a selection of eight, the classic cheese croquettes and a four-cheese plate are two of the options available. The main dish is taken from five different options amongst which you can find roasted venison tenderloin on Provencal crust and majorero cheese hummus or mushroom risotto with sbrinz cheese.

All of this you can taste for 24€ and with a supplement of 4€ you can also choose amongst five dessert options.  The menu includes a drink and can only be enjoyed during lunch hours.

Since the opening in 2004 of the Poncelet shop Punto Select, the company has been promoting cheese culture and the tradition of cheese making in Spain. However, all menus offer a non-cheese option better known as the anti-cheese.

Cheese Bar has also presented this month two other menus filled with cheesy delights: The Chef’s Suggestion (La Selección del Chef) at 35€ and Poncelet Experiences (Experiencias Poncelet) at 45€.  These are available at any time at both Cheese Bar locations.