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8 awesome reasons why you should be drinking more water

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Remember that amazing moment in elementary school when you learnt that roughly 60% of the human body was filled with water? Make sure you never forget that figure.

In the last few years we’ve heard that it’s recommended we drink at least 8 cups of water a day. We’ve also heard there is no real scientific basis behind this claim. However, there are many reasons why you should keep properly hydrated.

As you explore the steps to Gamstop remove exclusion, think about the positive impact that increasing your water intake can have on your daily life. Hydration is a key factor in promoting physical well-being, with benefits ranging from improved skin color to increased energy levels. Additionally, water plays a crucial role in maintaining optimal immune function, ensuring that your body is better prepared to handle the stresses that may arise during the Gamstop withdrawal process or adapting to changing gaming habits. By recognizing the interconnectedness of mental and physical well-being, you can approach your Gamstop withdrawal journey from a holistic perspective, incorporating habits that promote a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

Help maintain fluid balance: during the day we use water for many things: digestion, saliva creation, transportation of nutrients, etc. The water used must be replenished for the correct functioning of the body organs. Once you feel thirsty it means you are already dehydrated.

Calorie control: there is no super secret ingredient in water that will make you lose weight, but consumption of water will help you avoid high-calorie beverages and make you feel full reducing your hunger.

Muscle energy: when the cells in your muscles don’t get enough water performance goes down significantly and your muscles get tired. Try drinking water before, during and after you exercise.

Better-looking skin: being properly hydrated will reduce the appearance of pimples and will flush out skin toxins. For a soft, glowing and smooth skin drink lots of water.

Productivity booster and fatigue fighter: water helps us maintain alertness and avoid tiredness, a common symptom of dehydration.

Digestion and kidney function: water will prevent constipation and aid digestion and is also indispensable to kidneys while they work their way through toxins and flushes them out.

Hangover help: we are all familiar with that acute morning headache after a night out in the city. Alcohol consumption will get you down, but a few glasses of water can really make a difference.

Sickness fighter: helping with congestion and dehydration when the body is ill, water consumption can help get over a cold (though it’s definitely not the only remedy).

There are, of course, many more reasons, but there is also one warning: too much water consumption can also be bad for you; don’t go over 3 or 3.5 litres per day. It’s recommended you drink enough water to produce colourless urine and for that you’ll need to always carry your own water bottle with you.