Toma Nota

6 tips to make a delicious American-style hamburger

There are many ways of making hamburgers, but if you want to concentrate on making an American-style one we have a few tricks that will help you in the making. Don’t think of these hamburgers as the ones you find in fast-food restaurants. In the US, like in the rest of the world, there are options that surpass these restaurants both in quality and taste.

Today we are going to help you prepare the perfect hamburger at home with a little help from the Madrid restaurant “New York Burger” who present us with six basic tips to follow.

But before we start, if you need to set the mood and need some motivation to feel as close as possible to the birthplace of the hamburger, hit play on this list and start cooking. Here you are:

– The meat: the ingredients need to be top quality, it’s important for the meat to be properly minced to boost the flavour and smoothness of the meat.

– The grill: the best thing to cook the meat is a grill or a barbecue. Avoid using conventional frying pans. You must decide how you’d like your meat: rare, medium rare, well done, etc.

– The bread: there are many options on the market for hamburger buns, but you must look out for some that is soft so that it can soak in the meat juices.

– The veggies: these must always be fresh, be already know that a lot of people like lettuce and tomato on their burgers, but onion is also garnering a lot of fans. There are different ways to present it: raw, caramelised or grilled. Try adding avocado to add a bit of an exotic taste to the mix.

– The cheese: in a traditional American burger you’d probably be using American cheese, but with the number of varieties out there you might want to experiment with different flavours.

– The sauces: you must be careful with these; although they can boost the flavours of your burger they can also take over completely and ruin your delicious creation. The more common ones are, of course, ketchup, mayonnaise, barbecue sauce or mustard, but there are hundreds of different options on the market that will help you get a different taste every time.