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5 quick and easy ways of chilling wine

Guests over on a hot summer day? Plenty of bottles of wine but none of them chilled? Don’t fret, we have a few options that are going to make your life easier in cases like these.

Fill a bucket with ice, water and salt: this is one of the best methods out there, if you fill about 2/3 of the bucket with ice and the rest with ice water and add a handful of salt and drop your wine bottle in there you’ll be amazed at how fast it cools down to a good drinkable temperature.

Wrap your bottle in a damp towel and place it in the freezer: this method has been somewhat contested, but people who do still find in this a good system say that if you wrap you dampen a cloth and place it around the bottle and put it in the freezer it will help cool down the wine equally and more quickly.

Use chilled metal pearls in your wine glass: if you are only serving for a few people a nice and chic way of chilling wine is using metal pearls that live in the freezer and won’t water down your drink. There are several options in the market, though their price might send you running the other way.

Freeze red and white grapes and drop them into your glass: similar to the previous method but a little less pricey. A good way of cooling down your drink is to always keep some frozen red and white grapes in your freezer for such occasions.

Pour individual servings and stick them in the freezer or fridge: if you are only having wine for two, a better way of cooling the drink is to pour it into individual glasses and keep it cold in the fridge or freezer. Since it’s a smaller quantity it will chill faster. But careful, this is not the tidiest method and you might end up with a mess.