Toma Nota

5 meals, drinks and nourshiments to focus on your tests

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Libraries have been filled since the past few weeks, and there’s students that are going to face some tests really soon in order to finish with this academic year or, who knows, with the whole student life. If you find troubles to focus yourself and you feel like you get distracted by the slightest thing, then you probably are not eating healthy. Try some of the following tips that we propose to you. They work, we guarantee. Trust on us and… break a leg!


It’s been told that it’s a natural stimulant. Caffeine is the substance that penetrates easily in all the organism cells and stimulates the transmission between nerve impulses and neurons. Coffee tones the organism, relieves mental fatigue, reduces stress and improves intellectual functions. Don’t have more than two or three cups per day.

Green Tea

If you don’t feel like coffee, you should try with this drink that improves concentration. Besides, it helps to reduce your appetite so your stomach won’t be fighting with you while you’re studying. And guess what? If you don’t add any sugar, it has zero calorific value.


Chocolate has a natural stimulant very similar to the caffeine and it helps to improve our reaction time, besides it increases our memory – both visual and verbal. It gives you an euphoric feeling, frees endorphins and plus, it’s energetic. Experts ensure that chocolate even reduces stress levels.


While eating blueberries you will improve the long term memory storage in your mind, and some experts ensure that this fruit helps to prevent disease like Parkinson. It’s an important antioxidant with a lot of vitamin C and it helps to activate the enzymes that protect the brain. Plus, they have potassium which help to generate nerve impulses.


They have a lot of phosphorus which help to improve mental and brain activity. They help to improve our concentration and to give quickly solutions to our problems. Besides, experts ensure that they have protectors effects against oxidative stress and cellular death that takes place in our brain, which prevent us from Alzheimer disease.