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5 glasses for 5 different cocktails

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We all enjoy cocktails, not only because of the flavour of every one of them, but also because all the details: the glass, the decoration, the place… Probably, if you drunk the cocktails that we’re talking about in another glass or cup, you wouldn’t enjoy them so much. We are sure about that!

1. Classic Martini

It is served in a classic cocktail glass. Mix two gin ozs with 3 dry vermouth ozs with lots of ice and mix everything well in a cocktail shaker. Better served without ice and with a little piece of lemon peel or a stick with two green olives. This is the perfect glass in order to serve other of the well-known cocktails in the world, the Cosmopolitan.

2. Piña Colada

Put in the cocktail shaker: ice, 45ml of white rum, 35ml of coconut cream and fill to the top with pineapple juice. Shake well and fill up the glass without ice. Decorate it with a slice of pineapple, it will look better! The most appropriate glass for this cocktail is the Hurricane. You know it, for sure!

3. Sex on the beach

The Collins glass is perfect for this famous cocktail. In this case, it is served with ice. And you wouldn’t need a cocktail shaker. Put 40 ml of vodka, 20 ml of peach liquor, 20 ml of orange juice, and the same amount of cranberries. Mix and ready to drink! This glass is also perfect for a Mojito.

4. Old Fashioned

The cocktail and the glass are called the same. It’s perfect for a whisky, short, wide and usually heavy because of the thick glass. Do you want to make this cocktail? Put a little of Angostura and a sugar cube, fill the glass with soda and add ice. Mix well – until sugar dissolve – and add 60 ml of whisky. Ready!

5. Margarita

The glass where the cocktail is served is named after the cocktail – Margarita glass. It’s really important to rub the rim of the glass with lemon juice and put table salt in it. On the cocktail shaker, mix 2 ozs of tequila, one oz of Cointreau and 30 ml of lemon juice. Shake well and serve without ice.