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4 tips from Diego Cabrera to properly celebrate Gin & Tonic day

Today we have one more reason to celebrate: it’s International Gin and Tonic Day, and we cocktail lovers find this to be the perfect excuse to delight in this drink on Wednesday 8th April.

Weather with botanicals, fruits or with no green at all, the taste of this mixed drink is up almost everyone’s street. With adjuncts or without them, there is a wide selection of gin and tonics that allow us all to have our “favourite gin and tonic.”

In this occasion, Tanqueray has conducted a survey to learn of tastes and habits of the most dedicated gin and tonic enthusiasts.

We have started out this article with an invitation to celebrate, because according to this study Spaniards prefer to drink gin and tonics amongst friends and after dinner. We expect many of you will be raising your glasses this Wenesday to celebrate with your favourite drink.

In this survey, 80% of respondents value the quality of the gin to be more important above the tonic and the glass itself. The refreshing taste, followed by versatility, is the most appreciated quality.

Diego Cabrera, one of the ambassadors of Tanqueray’s most recent campaigns, celebrates this day creating “Limited Edition” Gin and Tonics and sharing with us his tips for creating the perfect mix:

– Ingredient temperature is one of the most important factors to take into account when you are preparing a gin and tonic. The gin and the tonic need to be at an adequate temperature to avoid abrupt temperature changes from affecting the fizziness of the tonic.

– The ice cubs shouldn’t be too big or too small.

– Use crystal cups. As opposed to glass, this material will make for an insulated container that will avoid ice cubs from melting allowing us to enjoy our perfect gin and tonic from beginning to end. We will get a completely different drink depending on the container we use: a more open glass will make for a more mild drink, while a more closed one will give a more intense and aromatic gin and tonic.

– Citrus flavours are gin’s best ally. They enhance the flavour of the botanicals present in the drink.