Our meals last more than the rest of the world, we usually choose the restaurant thoroughly and everytime we eat in a brand new establishment, we become more experts in the food world. We spend more time on making cool pics of the plates than on eating them. And we really like to tell people – through social media – where have we been. Yes, we can’t deny, we are foodies. Here you have 10 reasons to consider becoming one yourself, too!

1.It’s an excuse to meet with your friends and have a good time

2. You would enjoy the lunch break way more special than the rest of the world.

3.You usually take pictures of your plates and nobody can tell you a word. You are already a foodie!

4. You could consider yourself like an expert on the subject – without anything work related.

5. You could eat whatever you want and not feel regret later.

6. You would discover super fancy and cool places where you could impress your friends.

7. When in a restaurant, your friends would let you order the food that you want. You’re the expert!

8. You would learn a lot about cooking – and you could adapt that knowledge into your own kitchen and surprise your family.

9.You probably would meet a lot of people with the same interests as you and you could share your experiences with them – and vice versa.

10. When your friends cook, they would ask and care about your opinion.