This summer renew your recipes. There are thousands of them you can make use of in your kitchen that will work wonders on a hot summer day. Some time ago we intriduced you with some original recipes with gulas (pseudo-elvers) as the main ingredient. Today we are going to present you with something similar, but in this case we’re not going to do all the work: today you are going to be the chef.


Krissia, the frozen fish stick brand, has recently launched a promotion in which they ask everyone to share with them their favourite salad recipes using their most popular ingredient. Every day a lucky contestant will take home a prize, which in occasions consists of an assortment of products to make delicious recipes in the comfort of your own home.



Salads and fish are never a bad combo and this campaign makes sure to include recipes on Krissia’s Facebook page to enjoy this summer’s dishes to the fullest. Some of their mouth-watering options they present are the cucumber salad with fish sticks or the fish stick salad with nuts.



All of the recipes presented are contemplated in four summer sceneries: the beach – with Krissia at the beach, – the office – with Krissia at the office, – days off – with Healthy Krissia, – or the gym – with Krissia & Fit. If you too have in your head an original and refreshing recipe for summer making use of this product, don’t be shy… share it with the world!