YOUNIQUE Arts Club restaurant renews its menu and artwork

The gastronomic space that houses Only YOU Boutique Hotel Madrid presents a new autumn menu and an art exhibition signed by Teresa Cuevas.

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The fall of autumn gives way to the rebirth of creations in this restaurant where eating amidst works of art to stimulate and close the artistic circle of the sensorial experience that lies in its DNA.

After various artistic movements and artists such as Pils Ferrer have passed through its space, now it is the turn of Teresa Cueva‘s abstract art, who occupies the restaurant with her new collection entitled ‘La Espera’.

The artist from Madrid captures in this series ‘the strength and delicacy of waiting for a result of light’ through works such as ‘Waiting in movement I, II, II and IV’ or ‘Waiting on the ground’, which reflect free and warm movements with coffee.

The restaurant’s menu is also renewed by chef Carlos Martín, based on a categorical structure: ‘To start’, ‘From the land’, ‘From the sea’ and ‘To sweeten’ in which he introduces new contemporary proposals, preserving his Japanese sushi proposal.

The starters menu features three new dishes: Croquetas a la madrileña, its emulsion and Velo de papada ibérica casa de alba. As for meats, all the dishes are created from scratch, while two new dishes have been added to the dessert section: the baileys custard with mascarpone mousse and toasted whisky and the Gran Bombón of chocolate, vanilla and kahlúa.

This new artistic and gastronomic experience will be temporarily available until 20 November in the restaurant of the Only YOU Boutique Hotel in Madrid.