YEITE is the new trendy bar-club in Madrid

A design space that fuses music, food, experimental cocktails and fun in a single avant-garde concept.

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This emerging project, which has just opened its doors in the effervescent Conde Duque area, has arrived on the Madrid scene to become the new meeting point for the capital’s creative and artistic communities. A nocturnal oasis dressed in a deep dark blue, illuminated by a dim light that evokes that projected by the moon.

The Platea studio has been in charge of designing its interior design, orchestrated around an imposing stone bar and a series of round tables in the same material, combined with noble materials. There, amidst the darkness, shines its cocktail proposal developed by Lucas Lopez Dávalos, which he has developed based on the dissolution of a series of hedonistic and surprising sensations. His cocktails innovatively combine technology and craftsmanship with high quality ingredients that ‘transport the diner to magical places’.

‘Yeite is a word that in Argentine slang is used to refer to a clever and ingenious trick in an improvised way that gives a good result. So our bar is a space where improvisation and creativity merge to offer a unique and memorable experience for all guests,’ says Lucas.

High-end snacks

To accompany its cocktails, this bar offers a series of snacks made with fresh and seasonal products from the national territory: from Cantabrian anchovies and noisette butter on brioche to a crudo of lemon fish with white grapefruit and kaffir lime oil.

All of this is synchronised with a careful selection of music that ranges from the sound of vinyls from past decades to a contemporary proposal that dances between hip hop, funk, afro dance and trap.

Madrid has options of the highest level, but Yeite offers a unique combination of music, festive and intimate atmosphere, and a gastronomic proposal of great category’.