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Observing the earth and space while enjoying a glass of wine can be one of the most curious experiences that anyone could live. However, space tourism is not an option that is available to everyone, either because of the high costs involved or because of the lack of security that exists in this type of expedition.

In view of this, the French company Zephalto offers passengers the possibility to travel to the stratosphere by balloon from 120,000 euros per person in 2025.

The company plans to offer 60 flights per year with only six passengers on board each flight. In addition, they intend to provide a ‘space tourism’ experience in every sense: that passengers can enjoy fine French food, wine and other beverages in a designer environment, Vincent Farret d’Astiès, Zephalto’s founder and aerospace engineer, told Bloomberg.

“The helium- or hydrogen-filled balloons will depart from France with two pilots on board and rise 25 kilometers into the stratosphere for an hour and a half. Once it reaches maximum altitude, which is about three times higher than that of a commercial airliner, the balloon will remain for three hours, giving guests the opportunity to enjoy views that previously could only be seen by astronauts. Descent will take another hour and a half, for a six-hour round trip,” Fortune Mag describes.

Zephalto, which promises low-carbon space travel, is not the only company offering such experiences. Florida-based Space Perspectives is also offering rides aboard its Neptune One spacecraft for $125,000 and flights will begin in 2024.

What do you think? Would you be willing to pay this kind of money to have a snack in the stratosphere?

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