The wine bars we recommend in London

Here are 11 wine bars, pubs and restaurants that confirm why London is one of the best places in the world to drink wine.

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Although London is not a city historically associated with a wine region, you can find great wine lists, both in the most expensive restaurants with multiple Michelin stars and in famous fashionable places, as well as in pubs and traditional venues. Here’s a list of 11 proposals to enjoy while having a good glass of wine (or a few).

The Drapers Arms

This is a traditional English pub. Although most customers order beer, it offers an excellent wine list, mostly French, but you also have options from Spain, Germany or South Africa at a good price. Wines are served in expensive Zalto glasses. The price per glass starts at €7.40.


This is a family-run Chinese restaurant, but it is not your typical Chinese restaurant. In fact, Chef Peng’s cuisine is heavily influenced by Taiwanese food. As for the wine, there is an extensive wine list. Aromatic and fruity whites, such as Gerwurztraminer, Gruner Veltliner, Riesling, Viognier, Chenin Blanc and Sauvignon Blanc, go very well with the strong and bold flavours of our food. But they also offer light, velvety reds, such as Pinot Noir and the rustic wines of the Rhône. You will find classics with a high price tag, but also good gems for less than €50.


It is located in the Shoreditch neighbourhood, a bit like London’s Williamsburg. This restaurant is simple but with exceptional quality and a wood-fired kitchen, which makes it even more welcoming. As for the wine, in addition to the classics, you also have the option of ordering natural wines, as the wine list is quite complete. The cheapest you’ll find for 31€, such as Gonzalo Gonzalo, Tinto ‘Gran Cerdo, Rioja 2021. At the other end of the scale is the Armand Rousseau, Gevrey-Chambertin ‘Clos du Chateau’, Burgundy 2018, which costs almost €1,100.


Medlar restaurant is located in the Chelsea area. It is an elegant, unpretentious bistro that offers 1, 2 or 3-course menus, starting at €40. As for the wine list, it is prepared by sommelier Melania Battiston, whose aim is to guide the diner to enjoy the best possible wine experience. Glasses of wine start at €9.


It was one of the pioneers of natural wine in London when it opened its doors back in 2010. It has an extensive list of natural wines. In terms of prices, you can try a glass of white wine from €5.5.

Noble Rot

Noble Rot started as a wine magazine and has grown into an empire that includes restaurants, shops, books and an export business. In addition, this restaurant, the second in London, offers classic bistro food and an extensive wine list. Glass prices range from €5.6 to €110, although a glass of natural wine starts at €18. While their greatest heirloom is an Armand Rousseau, Chambertin; Burgundy, 1985, which costs €7,690 a bottle.

40 Maltby Street

Located in the Gergovie Wines cellar, this restaurant serves food with typical products from this island, but also from the rest of the continent. It has a restaurant service for dinner from Wednesday to Saturday (and lunch on Saturdays). But it is really a wine shop with take-away food, like sandwiches. In the shop you will mainly find wines from France, Italy and Spain, but also from other places such as Germany, Slovenia, Greece or Australia. As for wines from Spain, they sell wines from the Alpujarras, Catalonia and Valencia, with bottles starting at €19. Undoubtedly one of London’s must-visit wine bars.


A high quality casual dining restaurant in the heart of Bermondsey, offering an exceptional culinary experience using the finest ingredients and wines. The menu features their explorations of ingredients, dishes and drinks from regions around the world, inspired by the extraordinary culinary history and international diversity that surrounds the city. As for the wine list, they offer more than 350 wines from classic wine producing countries such as Italy and France as well as from other origins such as Georgia, Turkey, Armenia and the Middle East. It also has a shop section where you can buy bottles or packs.

Blandford Comptoir

At the Blandford Comptoir restaurant in Marylebone, wine has an important place. Its wine list is dedicated to the great wine region of the Rhône Valley. It’s not the cheapest place, but you can order a bottle of good wine for less than €70.

The Quality Chop House

The Quality Chop House is celebrating its 154th anniversary this year, no less. Its cuisine is contemporary, but at the same time respectful of traditions, especially meat (in fact, they have opened a butcher’s shop right next to the restaurant). They put a lot of focus on wine, being one of London’s most prominent wine bars. Their team is constantly working and adding new wines to their list. Here they offer wines from small, independent wineries, in their “house brand” section.


This restaurant offers food influenced by Thai cuisine. One of their strong points is their natural wines, with many by-the-glass options. You’ll have the opportunity to try more obscure wines, although of course they have more popular options, with glasses starting at €4.80.

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