Will the flat croissant be the next big pastry trend?

These experimental croissants become the new viral typology of the Internet.

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Flat croissants are the new trend in the world of pastries: a trend that was first projected in Korea, and later popularized at Alexander’s Pastisserie based on this Japanese pastry inspiration.

This California pastry shop serves on its display a golden, flattened iteration that it has also remastered and dipped in chocolate with mango or strawberry. The art of lamination sculpts these silhouettes with buttery layers that are made in a similar way to the buttery ones, but in a flattened, flaky version with sugar on top; evoking that palm tree look, and giving it that crunchy, sugary finish.

These croissants in 2D format began to be baked last year, but it has not been until now that they have spread and/or spread in a fleeting way on TikTok; generating an infinite archive of hacks by content creators who flatten the sweet and elaborate it through different creative techniques.