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There are iconic elements that we associate directly with certain companies. And the Matterhorn is something we attribute with Toblerone. The chocolate brand has been based in Switzerland for more than a century and its packaging bears the image of the most famous peak in the Alps. But now they have announced that they are moving some of their production out of Switzerland. So it looks like they are going to have to change their image due to legal problems.

The reason would be non-compliance with the Swissness Act, which was passed in 2017, and states that any food product that uses Swiss symbols in its image or bears the “made in Switzerland” label must be made with at least 80% Swiss raw materials (and 100% Swiss milk). It must also be produced entirely within Switzerland.

When it was announced that Mondelez, the company that produces and distributes Toblerone, was planning to move part of its production to the Slovakian capital Bratislava, this move would be in breach of the law. The brand will therefore opt to change the design of its packaging, changing the image of the famous peak to a more generic mountain. According to Mondelez, the new mountain will represent a modernised, streamlined logo. It will be aligned with the aesthetics and shape of the Toblerone chocolate bar itself.

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