Where to eat if you attend the Forbes 10 Malaga MasterClass celebration

On the occasion of the celebration of the tenth anniversary of Forbes Spain in Malaga, we selected the best restaurants in the city so you can visit them during the day.

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The Andalusian city becomes -together with the Canary Islands and Badajoz- one of the regions hosting the 10th Anniversary of Forbes, whose objective is to call for a global conversation, focusing on the past, looking at the present, and looking forward to the expectations of the future.

The celebration will continue with a private dinner on June 22, chaired by Mr. Francisco de la Torre Prados, Mayor of Malaga, and Mr. José Francisco Salado Escaño, President of the Provincial Council of Malaga, as well as a Forbes Master Class led by James “JP” Poulter, which will take place on June 23.

In order to discover new gastronomic spaces that the city has to offer, and to keep you energized during the anniversary, we present a selection of restaurants that fuse tradition and innovation within the framework of haute cuisine, both in the city center and in the outskirts of Malaga.


Blossom is an extraordinary creative fusion cuisine restaurant located in the heart of the city, which has managed to stand out from the crowd by presenting a menu that emerges and evolves depending on the seasonality of local products, in which its chef Emi Schobert also makes a nod to Latin American gastronomy.

“Flavor and avant-garde, passion and experience, technique and environment, tradition and innovation, surprise and emotion. These duos embody the spirit of Blossom’s cuisine, where we focus on the origin and treatment of the product, with beauty, respect and balance.”

Where? 11 Strachan Street.


Kaleja, the restaurant of the renowned chef Dani Carnero, claims with taste and depth the contemporaneity of the traditional recipes of Malaga, harvesting labels of modernity for elaborations such as gazpachuelo, maimones and roasted peppers with candle. Also for such popular ingredients as chard, pringá de puchero and zurrapa, always keeping the grill as a fundamental pillar of the gastronomic concept.

Where? Marquesa de Moya Street, 9.


A few meters from the Cathedral, stands another monument, but this time gastronomic, called La Cosmo: a minimalist and informal restaurant that has established itself in the culinary scene of the city both for its interior design in the form of “gastronomic workshop” and for Dani Carnero’s signature proposal that fuses Malaga cuisine with the product of origin and the elevated experience of the diner.

Where? 11 Cistercian Street.


Nintai is an elegant and exclusive Japanese restaurant with 12 seats in omakase bar, where the divine patience and the extreme quality of the fresh product are worked to elaborate a high level sushi. An important wine list and sakes with which to harmonize the steps of its two menus, which change according to market and according to the inspiration of the chef. The balance in every aspect is the objective.

By Fernando Huidobro

Where? At Ramón Gómez de la Serna, 18b.


ÚNICA Pizzeria Contemporánea, located in the SOHO of Málaga, is a luxury pizzeria with a “Made in Italy” menu with fresh and local products, in which Francesco Bernardinelli offers an avant-garde twist to the traditional Italian dishes through pizzas like the ‘Padellino’: a new way of presenting the product that consists of preparing the dough in a high mold to which the ingredients are added raw.

Where? At Calle Barroso, 3.


The fact that one is in one of the most special places in the city as is the port of Malaga, adds value to the excellent cuisine offered in this restaurant. José Carlos García transfers to the client a recital of zero kilometer products to turn the visit into a unique gastronomic experience, which highlights the subtlety in terms of technique and taste of traditional recipes. It is still the only starred restaurant in the capital of the Costa del Sol.

By Fernando Huidobro

Where? At Plaza de la Capilla, 10.