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Where the Tapas team eat in Zaragoza after the 1st edition of the Forbes Summit Sustainable Mobility Zaragoza 24′

We recommend you a series of outstanding restaurants in Zaragoza where you can taste the richness of its local gastronomy.

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Forbes is holding the 1st edition of the Sustainable Mobility Summit today 13th June, which will bring together a powerful group of speakers at Mobility City Zaragoza to talk about innovation, accessibility and quality in the future of sustainable mobility.

The meeting, which will have Evercom, Mobility City, Fundación Ibercaja and Uber as partners and with the collaboration of the Government of Aragon and SigmaDos, will also address the role played by companies, public administrations and citizens in this advance towards sustainable mobility. After the conference, we propose a selection of gastronomic spaces where you can eat and enjoy traditional and haute Aragonese cuisine.

Gente Rara, T de Oro de Tapas 2022

Six months after opening, Gente Rara was awarded its first Sol Repsol. Haute cuisine in an old workshop in the Jesús neighbourhood in Zaragoza. A place where we can choose our own path. Yes, you read that right. All the menus start with a common part of welcome, reception (foie, corn, misho and sheep’s milk) and vegetable garden. Then, according to your taste, you can select 3 menus: Demented, Crazy and Lunatic. All this trying to form a synergy with small producers and artisans.

By: Juan Barbacil.

Tajo Bajo

This Grupo Vaquer restaurant has been making hospitality history in Aragon for more than half a century. Here, the ritual usually consists of sharing tapas and meat dishes prepared with high quality Aragonese products by its chef Rubén Martín, accompanied by a curated selection of wines from the region.


Es.Table is the bistro of the renowned Zaragoza restaurant Cancook, awarded a Michelin star. This gastronomic concept by chef Ramsés González presents a contemporary menu that combines some classic Cancook dishes and nods to the products of Aragon.

Defined under the slogan ‘technique, tomorrow and perfectionism’, it is presented as a place where you can enjoy a cuisine that revolves around the product, with a lot of personality and author’s stamp. Aragon and Zaragoza on the table, with touches of national produce based on the market and its trusted suppliers.


We travel to the Amazon with Atípico. Exotic fusions make up a menu where Mexican, Japanese, Nikkei and fire-cooked dishes shine. A place where fun and surprises are served. Respect for the product is one of the pillars of Atípico, along with the ambition to transport diners to faraway places thanks to its international food.

By: Nora Fernández.

La Bodega de Chema

La Bodega de Chema is one of those emblematic restaurants in Zaragoza that we cannot forget. For over 40 years they have been cooking the best of traditional Aragonese cuisine and innovating with more avant-garde recipes. Currently, you will find on their website a special menu dedicated to the Truffle Days as well as their usual menu focused on events and groups.

By: Nora Fernández.

La Senda

La Senda has a Sol Repsol, awarded in the 2021 edition of the awards. It is a proposal of intimate cuisine where each dish has its reason and why. The menu and its recipes try to transmit through gastronomy sensations that surprise the diner.

By: Nora Fernández.


The most colourful vegetarian cuisine in Zaragoza. Baobab has been offering a cuisine without animals, without complexes and without dogmas since 2005. An offer that aims to be just as attractive, vibrant and healthy as others that include animal proteins. They use organic and fair trade products, thus favouring craftsmanship and kilometre 0.

By: Nora Fernández.

Nola Gras

Nola Gras is short for New Orleans. A city that, like this restaurant, oozes life, colour and rhythm on all four sides. A unique restaurant with fusion cuisine that brings together races, ethnicities and gastronomies through a lot of passion. At the cooker is Alex Viñal, winner of the best tapa in Zaragoza in 2021 or the best ensaladilla.

By: Nora Fernández.


Next to the bustling area of the Plaza de San Francisco, this restaurant is run by the married couple Jorge Lara and Jassonne San Martín -they met at Pedro Subijana’s prestigious Akelarre-. Creative and classic cuisine: slices of tomato curd, cream cheese, anchovies and pesto, or sweet Graus sausage rice with roast free-range chicken broth and Parmesan. Don’t miss the desserts by Jassone, an expert pastry chef. The walls are decorated with paintings by renowned Aragonese painters such as Jorge Gay, Villarrocha and others.

By: Juan Barbacil.


Modern and consolidated premises with a unique decoration of jungle motifs and a large gorilla at the door that welcomes you. This is Eloisa and Carol Lasmarías‘s bet, with the participation of Iván Acedo, owner of the great Complejo Hostelero Aura. The authentic bunker it hides has now become a reserved area for about 20 people. In addition to a wide range of cocktails made with the best liquors, the grill and its elaborations of chateaubriand, octopus, red tuna from the Almadraba, Harry’s Bar carpaccio, sirloin cubes with soy and other delicacies stand out. Perhaps one of the best and most up-to-date offers in the city.

By: Juan Barbacil.


Diego Millán and Ramcés González, after other adventures, decide to take the leap to their new restaurant near the football field of La Romareda, in the former location of Novo – Davo. Ramces brings a creative cuisine based on the best products, with modern techniques and elaborations without forgetting the traditional flavours of a lifetime. Diego puts his professionalism and know-how at the service of his customers. Unique wine list, surprising and avant-garde dishes that have led him to obtain the coveted Michelin star last year.

By: Juan Barbacil.

La Manousherie

Manoushés is one of the most popular dishes in Lebanon’s little-known cuisine. It is a traditional and deeply Mediterranean recipe reminiscent of pizza. And this new establishment, as its name suggests, specialises in them. In fact, it has the first and only oven in Spain to make them. Authenticity guaranteed.

By: Pablo Ortega.