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Where do the Tapas’ team eat in Madrid on Bruce Springsteen concert days

We propose a series of culinary trends or mythical restaurants in the capital in which to make gastronomic stops during Springsteen’s tour in Madrid.

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The heartland rock legend arrives in Madrid with his energising shows -as part of his 2024 World Tour- on 12, 14 and 17 June. Bruce Springsteen will revolutionise the capital from tonight at the Cívitas Metropolitano with his iconic high-voltage concerts, which we propose to synchronise with a series of gastronomic enclaves of reference in which to do the pre- or post-concert. Take note.


Pabblo is the design restaurant that in a very short time has attracted the whole of Madrid’s artistic and creative scene. Run by the Carbón Group, this restaurant is located in the Torre Picasso and is presented as the perfect symbiosis between Mediterranean gastronomy, cocktail versions and shows enlivened by the sounds of jazz or soul of its live band. A prelude that continues later in the evening with DJ sessions that transform the space into a club until late into the night.

From its ode to Mediterranean cuisine, you can work up an appetite with some of its star dishes such as its lobster salad, its croque-monsieur of prosciutto cotto au gratin or its carabinero fritters. From there, you can move on to a sumptuous banquet of French oysters served with different sauces to finish with one of its great dishes cooked in a wood-fired oven: lobster rice, together with one of its cocktails designed by its bartender Carlos Moreno.

Mateo Honten

Mateo Honten is the new Japanese izakaya that has fascinated devotees of Japanese gastronomy and signature cocktails, not only for its vintage aesthetics and ambience, but also for its vinyl collection.

Located in the Justicia neighbourhood, in this restaurant you can combine sushi with some of the dishes to share created by Edo Kobayashi, the Tijuana chef and restaurateur renowned for transmitting through food the exploration of his Japanese roots fused with Mexican produce. A concept that he has transferred to more than 14 restaurants in CDMX, and which he now presents at Mateo Honten, his first Spanish restaurant where his most acclaimed dishes are presented in the form of fried chicken with ginger and yuzukosho mayonnaise or delicious chicken wings with spicy miso, spring onion and sesame.


Estimar is the obvious proof that Madrid is the best sea port; every day, marine jewels selected by the family of Ana Gotanegra, wife of the chef, Rafa Zafra, and proud heiress of a long family tradition of fishmongers, arrive in its kitchens from the boats of Cabo de Creus. Ferran Adrià defined this house as “the seafood restaurant of the 21st century”, and he hit the nail on the head. Zafra’s technical mastery is overwhelming, he dominates the avant-garde, but he knows how to fry, cook or handle the griddle, and in a waste of sensitivity and common sense each product receives what it needs to express itself to the full.

Lima Nikkei

True Nikkei gastronomy can be found in the new Lima Nikkei restaurant, where they serve a perfect culinary synergy between Japanese technique and creative Peruvian cuisine that manages to activate all the senses of the diners.

Its fusion of warmth, cosmopolitan and avant-garde Peruvian-Japanese cuisine is reflected in each of the creations of its executive chef Tito Bravo, a renowned expert in Nikkei cuisine with experience in prestigious restaurants such as Osaka or Tahini.

There, diners can delve into the depths of his haute cuisine through his Nigiris such as Ventresca with ponzu, or Ceviche nikkei, one of his most outstanding dishes. Not to mention its surprising main courses such as the Pulpito Anticuchero or the Humi Meshi de Rocoto con Lomo al Chimichurri Nikkei, paired with cocktails such as its delicious Pisco Sour de Maracuyá (Passion Fruit Pisco Sour).


Persimmon’s, the new Georgian cocktail bar and artisan restaurant that has already become the new landmark of the capital, must also be on the route of culinary premieres in the capital.

In this cosy and sophisticated space, haute cuisine and its liquid proposal based on the traditional Georgian distillate ‘Chacha’ come together to create a meeting point; following in the footsteps of the same owners who created their bistro called Nunuka.

In their new premises in Chueca they present a delicious menu made up of dishes such as a grilled suckling pig bikini with adjika, carrots and marinated cabbage, or a brochette of free-range chicken with chkmeruli sauce. They dilute this gastronomic art with their signature cocktails, which include drinks such as the Tamada or the Tamar Mephe, made with chacha, lemon and saperavi float.

Barracuda MX

Barracuda MX is the evolution of what we already knew at Punto MX. This restaurant, run by Mexico City chef Roberto Ruiz, defines itself as an “enjoyable” place to have a good time. With a much more casual atmosphere, Barracuda MX invites diners to enjoy its famous margaritas to the beat of vibrant Mexican music daily. This cool venue is a dream come true for Ruiz.

Designed to be a more accessible and versatile space, Barracuda MX has become a democratic place where people can enjoy a relaxed dining experience at more affordable prices. This more casual and affordable approach reflects Roberto Ruiz’s desire to reach out to a wider audience, offering an atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and can enjoy authentic Mexican cuisine in a welcoming and fun environment.

Playing Solo

After a decade of training in some of the best restaurants in Spain, the United States and Denmark, as well as a productive stay in Japan, just over a year ago Luis Caballero decided to launch this highly personal project, which includes a menu with dishes inspired mainly by French and Japanese cuisine. If he draws from the former, especially in terms of the choice of ingredients and the approach to the preparations, it is the aesthetics and cooking techniques that have a clear Asian stamp. In short, an exciting project that gathers and projects the accumulated experience.

Rural Madrid

Rafa Zafra has always been the king of the sea, a sort of modern Neptune who perfectly dominates everything that comes out of its waters. But with his latest restaurant, together with Ricardo Acquista and Anna Gotanegra, he has taken a radical turn, dropping anchor and getting off the boat to convert it into another temple, this time for meat lovers. Sausages, cured meats and pâtés of his own creation, fried meats, the irresistible bikini in a carnivorous version and great pieces such as txuleta, suckling lamb or a suckling pig from Segovia, form part of the menu of this delicious adventure that goes from the land to the table.


SLVJ’s new restaurant is already part of the constellation of luxury restaurants in the Food Hall of Galerías Canalejas. Its proposal is structured around a more informal concept in which the group’s greatest hits are tasted through tapas and half portions. From the edamame glazed in sakura sauce to the SLVJ Japanese tacos, the Salmon Crispy Rice and the Truffled Mushroom Dumplings.

All of them are ‘minimised’ by their Venezuelan chef Fermín Azkue, who focuses his cuisine on extracting the maximum flavour from quality raw materials using contemporary techniques. In addition, on Wednesday 15 May, the restaurant will be serving a special dessert to celebrate San Isidro called ‘Rosetta’: a chocolate mousse with raspberry inspiration, which will be available from 1pm.

El Lince

After the success of the restaurant La Tasquería, Javi Estévez opened this second restaurant in which he returns to his origins and proposes a traditional menu, more open and less radical, with a section of offal in popular recipes along with stews and fish dishes of the day.

In the menu of El Lince, in addition to its meat and offal section where you can find roast pork shank, semi-boned pig’s trotters with tripe sauce or lamb sweetbreads with garlic, there is a section of portions to share such as gildas, cecina croquettes, Russian salad pigeons or a delicious potato omelette stewed with tripe sauce and salads such as pickled veal tongue salad.

La Esperanza

The evening can also be staged at La Esperanza, a bar inspired by the 70s, which evokes the imagination of the 70s through elements such as spherical lamps, lined stools and duralex plates on which the duo of chefs Javier Moya and Ferrán Blanch serve their traditional dishes that bring together all the cultures surrounding the Mediterranean.

Both at their marble bar and at their retro-inspired tables, they serve everything from vermouth, stews or tapas such as the classic bravas, to their ‘Zuchini Burrata’ salad, with courgette tagliatelle, burrata, pine nuts and dried tomatoes, or their ‘Bomba de la Barceloneta’: a creamy potato stuffed with meat Bolognese-style and battered like a croquette.

La Tasquita de Enfrente

La Tasquita de Enfrente has become the place to be for both expert diners in the capital and lovers of good food. Its menu, which varies depending on the product, includes classic and traditional stews that Juanjo López translates into dishes such as his meatballs, tomato tartar, Russian salad or his famous panna cotta to finish. Although one of his most representative dishes, which we will share at the table on the day of San Isidro, will be his tripe called ‘Gaona’, which is presented as a tribute to his father’s original recipe.

El Maño

The menu of Bodegas El Maño represents all Madrilenians in one way or another. It is a legendary tavern in the city located in the Malasaña neighbourhood, where we can enjoy this special day sharing some Iberian ham croquettes, gildas, salmorejo, torreznos or an Asturian cachopo. Not to mention its torreznos, patatas bravas or its potato omelette that will also be part of our evening.