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Where to dine in Barcelona after the Springsteen concert

If you are attending the Bruce Springsteen concert tonight, the best way to celebrate is by visiting some of the best restaurants in Barcelona.

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Going to a Bruce Springsteen concert deserves a gastronomic tribute to match. So, if tonight you are going to enjoy El Boss, we leave you some restaurant recommendations so that after the show you can live a gastronomic experience of the same level. Enjoy!

Amar Barcelona

If you want to feel like the real Boss, then your obligatory stop should be at Rafa Zafra’s restaurant, where Springsteen dined the night before the concert along with Obama and Steven Spielberg. This restaurant, located in the oldest five-star hotel in Barcelona, the Palace, offers a whole range of products that pay homage to the sea. With an excellent quality raw material, in its menu you can order from oysters and caviar to recipes with nods to Catalan cuisine that translate into rich stews. In addition, honoring its name, the main ingredient of this restaurant is the love with which everything is cooked.

Barcelona. Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 668.
931 03 99 88
Carta: 120 €
Del mar / Mediterránea


If anything remains of elBulli in Barcelona, if anything remains of that disruptive and unruly spirit that characterized Ferran Adrià and his team, it can be found -with the Theater’s permission- in Disfrutar. Mateu Casañas, Oriol Castro and Eduard Xatruch, who were Adrià’s first swords, landed in Barcelona with Disfrutar after having consolidated Compartir, in Cadaqués. The success was immediate and showed that the public is still eager to continue playing the game once invented by the creator of elBulli. Here we find avant-garde, playful, emotional cuisine, a flow of mythical dishes that, together, work with mathematical precision.

Guía Tapas (by Laura Conde)

Barcelona. Villarroel, 163
933 48 68 96
Menú degustación: 235 €
Creativa / Actual


Martín Berasategui’s three Michelin stars at his restaurant at the Monument Hotel are the result of a methodical and intelligent career, and of the chef’s good eye when it comes to surrounding himself with the best executive chefs. In this case, Paolo Casagrande is in charge of transferring to the heart of Passeig de Gracia the imaginary of the chef from San Sebastian: a seasonal product-based cuisine, rooted in the territory, which elevates any piece to the olympus of haute cuisine. Lasarte is a good example of the idyll between the chef and Barcelona (Fonda España and Oria).

Guía Tapas (by Laura Conde)

Barcelona. Mallorca, 259
934 45 32 42
Menú degustación: 280 €. Menú mediodía: 190 €. Carta: 180-200 €
Tradicional / Creativa


Tapas Magazine’s T de Oro restaurant in Barcelona could not miss such a top date. Surprising and unclassifiable, Besta is that place where the smallest detail rarely fails. A brief menu, based on the Galician cuisine of chef Manu Núñez and the Catalan cuisine of his partner, Carles Ramon. The restaurant offers a proposal mainly based on fish, always cooked with great care and with some surprising garnish. We can find from a permit accompanied by sea urchin on a corn toast, a scallop with Iberian juice or a grilled red mullet with beet juice and pickled carrot. If we fall madly in love with any dish, we are lost: the menu is so changeable that we will probably not find it on our second visit.

Guía Tapas (by Laura Conde)

Barcelona. Aribau, 106
930 19 82 94
Carta: 40-50 €
Gallega / Creativa


Jordi Cruz’s restaurant, located in the boutique hotel with the same name on the stately Avinguda del Tibidabo, bears the stamp of a chef who, in addition to technique and intelligence, also has tons of talent. Cruz’s innate wisdom is manifested in his ability to select ingredients and combine them, devise recipes and manage at will the emotions of a diner who, at ABaC, travels from Catalonia to Asia via the Basque Country or France, all without leaving the imaginary of a chef who has almost always returned when we have not even thought of going. Dishes such as Japanese-style mackerel, a sui generis onion soup or a dessert called El Pedo Celestial.

Guía Tapas (by Laura Conde)

Barcelona. Avenida del Tibidabo, 1
933 19 66 00
Menú degustación: 250 €

Sta. Fe

In the upper area we find a place inspired by Korean street food, which is combined with proposals based on the best Mediterranean products and a menu of signature cocktails more than solvent. All this in a space that is both casual and chic at the same time. At Sta. Fe you go to eat with your hands a great ssäm (a lettuce roll like a taco filled with the most diverse ingredients); or a roll, a spongy brioche bread that has become the star of American street food. As a starter, without a doubt, the tomato tartar.

Guía Tapas (by Laura Conde)

Barcelona. Sta. Fe de Nou Mèxic, 18
930 29 24 54
Carta: 40-50 €
Coreana / Street Food