What is the TikTok ketchup viral challenge?

We tell you all about this cleaning trend that has generated controversy on the internet.

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In the viral trend #ketchupchallenge, content creators pour ketchup on the kitchen counter and then ask their partners to clean it up, no matter what. A trend branded as absurd in the networks that has caused confusion, especially for the male gender.

The challenge works as follows: while filming, a woman squirts ketchup on the kitchen counter and asks her partner to clean it up. That’s the test. If the video goes viral, it’s usually because he completes the task in some impressive way.


He Stresses Me Out, This Is Why I Do The Cleaning 😂😂 #fyp

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While some people clean the condiment effectively, others do it in some chaotic way by messing it up even more or even eating the ketchup straight off the counter.