What is lördagsgodis in Sweden and why is it known as happiness sweets?

It is a long-established Swedish tradition on Saturdays and consists of eating sweets.

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Sweden always tops the rankings of the happiest countries in the world. The Scandinavian lifestyle is always used as an example of happiness and balance. In this country they put into practice what is known as ‘Lagom’, the Swedish philosophy of the right measure, of finding balance. And at this point, some concepts come into play that help to achieve the longed-for happiness. In gastronomic terms, a tradition that stands out is the lördagsgodis, which translates as “Saturday sweets” (a good way to balance the consumption of sweets) and has been done since the 50s, when the authorities recommended limiting the consumption of these foods to prevent tooth decay.

Every weekend, families gather at home to enjoy a variety of sweets. Without a doubt, it is a tradition that exemplifies that lifestyle of moderation, celebration and happiness, because it is the perfect “moment” to consume the unhealthy treats, but at the same time it generates excitement and anticipation for the activity. For this ritual, they also prepare a big bag with a varied assortment of goodies, so the preparation makes them even more eager for Saturday to arrive.

Other Swedish customs that help to make you happy

It’s not the only culinary tradition that helps to achieve ‘lagom’ as a lifestyle. In Sweden, they also love ‘fredagsmys’, which is a custom they carry out on Fridays, to let loose and relax at home enjoying with your people. And they also indulge in a cheat meal.

Finally, we must also highlight the ‘fika’, which would be like a coffee break and a snack, while you take the opportunity to disconnect from obligations and relax with colleagues or friends.