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VIPS and Tinder team up to organise dates over breakfast

The ‘VIPS Tinder Tables’ are here to revolutionise the world of dating.

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The season of love has begun to bloom, and VIPS wanted to synchronise with this seasonal transition to present its new breakfast cake. To do so, it has made a match with the dating app, connecting infinitely to serve a million free breakfasts to singles who want to meet each other before ‘their day goes wrong’, as the claim of its latest campaign says.

This initiative -developed by MONO Madrid– was created with the aim of reinforcing the new consumer habits driven, above all, by the new generations, such as ‘dry dating’. In other words, replacing the classic evenings or night-time dates stimulated by fizzy drinks with conscious breakfasts in the light of day.

VIPS Tinder Tables

VIPS Tinder Tables will offer an exclusive space for couples who have made a match on Tinder and get the breakfast code (there will be more than 1 million); as a plan that can be enjoyed between 21 March and 7 April.

In a way, the magic is in the beginning. Because everything can start with a match, just as a good day should start with a perfect breakfast. That’s when it all begins. A relaxed and unhurried moment in which you can certainly see things more clearly and can enjoy a moment of tranquillity where you can enjoy an ideal date with which to continue getting to know that person; creating a more authentic and less formal connection space than the typical nightly dates.’

In addition, to create a more intimate environment VIPs and Tinder have provided singles 7 with unique and decorated tables available at the following restaurants:

·  Madrid: Gran Via 49, Gta. De Quevedo 9, Av. De América 2 y Av. De La Libertad 2 (Alcorcón)

· Valencia: Sant Vicent Màrtir 24

· Sevilla: C.C Torre Sevilla

· Málaga: C.C Plaza Mayor

The new charter

During this breakfast, singles will be able to discover the new VIPS breakfast menu, which includes a tasty California American breakfast, consisting of pancakes made with oat granola, avocado, turkey breast, sprouts and fried egg or scrambled egg.

Lovers can also enjoy one of the restaurant’s star dishes: pancakes with Nocilla and fruit, or its savoury version, or opt for other sweets such as a berlina with oreo or a smash croissant with baked apple.