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Bad Bunny’s restaurant Gekko is one of the trendiest restaurants in Miami. In recent weeks celebrities such as Messi and David Beckham have dined there. Precisely the latter, who went to the restaurant last weekend with their respective families, had a busy night. Apparently, there was an altercation in which Victoria Beckham left the restaurant escorting her daughter Draper to the exit of the restaurant.

According to Page Six, there was a fight between a customer and the restaurant’s security personnel inside Gekko. In fact, the same media publishes some images showing a man with a bloody face. Given the commotion that was generated inside, Victoria decided to get her daughter to safety.

While sources close to the diner claim that the security guards pounced on him for no reason, since he was taking a family photo with his wife and it was not directed towards the table of the soccer players. Meanwhile, according to Page Six exclusively, a representative of the restaurant said that the customer was harmed and taking pictures of the other guests and, when he was thrown out of the restaurant for his inappropriate behavior, he became aggressive.

Victoria Beckham avoided making any reference to the episode on her social networks. She limited herself to posting a carousel of photos of the night and stating that she loves Miami and that she had a great time.

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