Trobar presents as Mallorca’s most artistic restaurant

This idyllic gastronomic destination dazzles from the northwest of the island.

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Mallorca is, without a doubt, one of the most magical islands in the national landscape, surrounded by wild coves and great works of local architecture that have positioned it as one of the authentic ‘place to be’ in which to feed on hedonistic evasion and Mediterranean gastronomy.

Within its culinary scene, some special enclaves stand out, such as Trobar: the artistic and gastronomic destination of the season. It is a designer restaurant that opened its doors in October 2023 under the creative direction of Dolli Taylor and Fabio Donghi.

Trobar was installed in the town of Cala Agulla as the first physical iteration of his digital concept store with which to physically enter his universe, appreciate it up close and live his own aesthetic dream. There, visitors can observe, as if it were a live art show, his entire selection of curated pieces. From plastic art to objects and sculptures, it is a kind of contemporary art gallery in the middle of a stimulating restaurant structured on three levels.

Art on three levels

Diners or food critics can socialise, eat and drink there, while having the option of buying the artistic pieces that cover their tables, walls and embellish their spaces. From glassware to tableware and furniture, all can be purchased through their website

As for the layout of trobat, it is structured on three levels, starting with its ‘gastronomy‘ room located at street level. A space where they offer small dishes designed for sharing, along with special cocktails. Meanwhile, on its rooftop terrace, which was recently transformed by artist Misterpiro, guests can watch the sunset while enjoying summer cocktails and American-style street food.

Finally, in their basement, customers can sample a select list of tequilas and mezcals seated on their reupholstered 1970s-style vintage furniture, which is part of the ‘retrobat’ line of their global project involving 30 artists from 12 countries, paying collective tribute to Mallorcan roots.