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This is the viral chocolate only found in Dubai

A crunchy tablet that has captivated TikTok for its originality and exclusivity.

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If there has been one dessert that has gone viral in recent months, it has been a chocolate filled with pistachio paste and toasted kunafa puff pastry. A creation originating from the Dubai confectionery ‘Fix Dessert Chocolatier‘ that is very difficult to find anywhere else. This exclusivity or kind of ‘FOMO of flavour’ is precisely what has led new generations to try to recreate them at home with different recipes and to experience this explosion of flavours.

This filled chocolate is thus projected as the latest gastronomic trend on the internet, leading different creators to record the crackle and crunch of the chocolate bar, in the ‘AMSR’ way. Its most popular iteration is the ‘Can’t Get Khanafed Of It’: a milk chocolate bar filled with a mixture of crunchy khanafeh, pistachios and tahini spread. Khanafeh or knafeh is a traditional Middle Eastern dessert with flavoured cheeses and nut interiors, dried fruit and clotted cream.


Trying Dubai’s VIRAL chocolate 🤯 @fixdessertchocolatier Costs 89 dhs with delivery only avaialble in 🇦🇪 Honest option: Unique flavor but too sweet for me and very expensive so definitely a one time purchase 👀 Would you try it out? #viral #foodtrend #viralchocolate #fixdessertchocolatier #uae #dubai #trending #desserttiktok #foodie #asmr #mukbang #foryou #fypシ

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Within the collection of ‘Stuffed Hero Bars’, another called ‘Donut Be Latte Bar’ with doughnuts inside has also caught viral attention, leading to reimagining them at home without the need to travel to Dubai to try them. Of course, there is the option of buying them online, with all the costs that entails, on platforms such as Etsy.