This is the surprising favorite dessert of Selena Gomez

The former Disney girl reveals in a program one of her strange 'guilty pleasures'.

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The actress and singer recently appeared on The Kelly Clarkson show to promote the upcoming season of ‘Just Murders in the Building’. During the show, Selena and host Kelly Clarkson talked about her ‘obsessions’, related, among them, to strange and unusual food pairings.

Well, during that culinary conversation, the singer surprised the audience when she mentioned a southern dessert that in Mexico is considered a summer delicacy, but for the rest of the countries it can be quite strange.

Apparently, Gomez’s favorite seasonal dessert is the ‘snow cone’ or pickle juice slushie. ‘If you’re from the South, you understand that pickles are a part of our life,’ Gomez explained after unveiling her obsession. ‘So growing up, I would go to this little slushy stand, and they had pickle slushies with grape chunks. It was so good,’ the singer expressed about this representative dessert of Mexico that revolves around the snow cone and its endless possibilities, such as pickled dill or this version flavored with sour pickle juice.