This is the Samburu menu at SLVJ Canalejas: a nine-course omakase proposal

This very original omakase proposal is available every day for lunch and dinner.

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If you are a fan of omakase cuisine, you should know the proposal offered by SLVJ Canalejas for lunch and dinner. It is the exclusive Samburu menu, an omakase experience composed of nine delicious dishes. The sophisticated space located in the Food Hall of Galería Canalejas keeps all the ‘wild’ essence. But it also has a bar to enjoy watching live the chef’s elaborations while tasting some of the most emblematic recipes of the restaurant, included in this special menu.

Although it is a closed proposal, the team led by Fermín Azkue, executive chef of the SLVJ group, has managed to design a very complete menu, with a selection of dishes carefully selected to the millimeter, including some of the highlights of its menu, characterized by its Japanese tradition with touches of fusion and a contemporary technique. The evening opens with King Salmon nigiri, moving on to Kampachi Usuzukuri (a lemon fish sashimi with ponzu dressing, kaffir lime, serrano chili and micro-cilantro) and then try the O-Toro Tartar Gunkan (a blue fin tuna tartar).

Its cauliflower, a real boom

The crunchy touch is provided by the Salmon Crispy Rice, with its spicy mayo and topped with ikura (salmon roe). The Truffled Mushroom Dumplings, composed of maitake mushrooms, beef demi-glace and truffled cream, are also available. But things reach their climax with the surprising Cauliflower Boom, one of the star dishes of the Samburu menu. It is a coulis of smoked cauliflower, yellow chili and tofu-feta dressing, which is enjoyed in every bite. Before moving on to dessert, there is still room to try their Roasted King Salmon, an exquisite robata salmon glazed with ponzu, accompanied by bok choy and soy dressing.

On the sweet side, this menu offers two delicious desserts that contrast very well. On the one hand, the Matcha Volcano, a fine sponge cake with a liquid explosion of matcha and white chocolate accompanied by coconut ice cream. And on the other, the refreshing Yuzu & Yuzu pie, a yuzu cream and sorbet on sponge cake, pistachio crunch and dried meringues. The price of this omakase experience at SLVJ Canalejas is 55 € (drinks not included), so considering the complete proposal offered -you will not go hungry-, the value for money is quite well adjusted.

Where? SLVJ CANALEJAS, Plaza de Canalejas, 1 (Madrid)
Every day from 1 to 4 p.m. and from 8 to 11 p.m.