This is the most rock ‘n’ roll burger restaurant in Madrid

Since a few months ago, La Carnaza, located in the Salamanca neighborhood, has become one of the gourmet hamburgers of reference in the capital.

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It’s been less than a year since La Carnaza moved to Madrid and it has already become one of the reference burgers (and there is currently a real boom in the capital). Its proposal is simple but very effective: a short menu of gourmet burgers with top quality ingredients, a scandalous bread -it is from Madreamiga- and consistent starters to enjoy sharing. Its culinary concept is completed with a casual place with urban aesthetics, rock & roll references and a rogue touch that will make you enjoy 100% of the experience in the already considered new temple of burgers.

Behind La Carnaza is the young Miguel Crespo, a Cantabrian who left the world of Big Data to launch himself into the hotel and catering business, a business that runs in his family and is where he has discovered his true passion. He first started by opening a restaurant in Santander, which soon became a hotspot in the Cantabrian capital. In 2023 he went one step further and moved to the capital, setting up in the heart of the Salamanca district, with the intention of conquering the competitive world of hamburgers.

Miguel Crespo, de La Carnaza.
Miguel Crespo, fundador de La Carnaza.

Burgers with personality

Thanks to the quality of the meat, one of the restaurant’s strong points, it has quickly made a name for itself. One of its highlights is the Good Vibrations burger, a classic that never fails: 180 g of 35-day aged Rubia Gallega, bacon, cheddar cheese, pickle and its special sauce. But although the menu is brief and avoids complications, there is also room for the diner to play with more original proposals (such as the names of the dishes, all with musical allusions).

From the Tina Turner, with bacon, cheddar, caramelized onion and Heinz bacon sauce, to the Johnny Cash with addictive provolone, peanut butter and Caesar dressing. There’s also a Mexican twist (in addition to the Nachos Carnaza, ideal for downtown) with La Llorona featuring cochinita pibil, gouda and chipotle mayo. A must for cheese lovers will be the Heidi, an improved evolution of the traditional cheeseburger, but with cheese raclette, mushrooms and truffled mayonnaise. Of course, you have to save room for dessert, because their chocolate, cheesecake or lemon jars are a must to end the evening on a high note.

A place with a lot of rock & roll

At La Carnaza they take care of the concept down to the last detail. Therefore, the interior design, by Zooco Estudio, oozes Carnaza style everywhere. That rock & roll is breathed in the atmosphere with graffiti and banners of mythical stars. There is also a selection of vinyls that are also the soundtrack of the place. To this we must also add a nostalgic touch with nods to Cantabria and the more informal tone given by the neon lights and graffiti that include messages such as ‘It’s so hard to forget you’, ‘Suck my cheese’ or ‘Baby cheese don’t go’. And last but not least, its average ticket is around 20 € per person, taking into account that the gastronomic proposal is strong.

*In addition, until March 15, they are part of the gastronomic route Madrid Experiences by Le Gruyère AOP, organized by Quesos de Suiza. Therefore, you can also try their Galician blonde burger with mushrooms, truffle sauce and fondue of Le Gruyère AOP.

Where? C. de Castelló, 9, Salamanca, 28001 Madrid
They also have a delivery option.